The future of our cities requires sustainable, safe and accessible urban mobility.

Cities are for people. And for life.
Not for private vehicles. Nor for huge parking lots.


It's time to get our cities back


Less emissions,
more future


Less barriers,
more community


Less inertia,
more transformation

Juan de Antonio Rubio

Fundador y CEO

"It is necessary to take action so that cities and urban transport cease to be the focus of a great threat to become great engines of new sustainable and healthy lifestyles. In fact, according to a survey that we have promoted, 70% of citizens think that the private car takes up too much space on the street. Because, although sometimes it is not visible to the naked eye, cities are the ultimate ally to combat climate change and reduce inequalities. We must approach this moment as an opportunity to unlearn everything that has led us to this position and turn mobility into the key accelerator of this change that will not be reversed".


Check out in our Report what we did in 2021 for the planet


Less barriers,
more community

Next stop: 0 emissions

We know that transportation is one of the main factors affecting climate change. And we believe in the sector's ability to combat it. More sustainable and less polluting mobility alternatives are needed, so we have designed a solid and courageous environmental strategy.

Our goal is to have a 100% electric and decarbonized vehicle fleet by 2025 in Spain and by 2030 in Latin America

Meanwhile, in 2021 we managed to drastically reduce the emissions generated by our trips through various actions: we promoted the use of motorcycles and electric scooters through our app, we increased the proportion of ECO vehicles in Spain to 63% (14.8% more than in 2020), we made alliances in Latin America to promote the conversion to less polluting cars and we improved the measurement and reduction of emissions per kilometer of each trip.

We were the first company in the sector in the world to take on the maximum commitment in emissions offsets

Since 2018, we offset all the emissions we emit: from our offices to our users' trips. In addition, in 2021, we joined the Science Based Targets Initiative, the world's largest initiative in terms of emissions reduction, committing to take on targets to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C.

In 2021, Cabify trips made in electric vehicles grew by 159% compared to 2020, and by 69% in the case of hybrid vehicles. In addition, we managed to reduce the emissions rate of autonomous driver vehicles and cab by 7gr/km in Latin America and by 2gr/km in Spain. Our concern for the planet is also evident in our offices, and we have managed to reduce electricity consumption by 27% globally.

Offsetting our emissions with full transparency

We are aware of our impact, and we work hard to measure and reduce it. Those emissions that we cannot avoid for the time being are offset 100%.

To neutralize that carbon footprint, we invest in projects that improve the environment and social surroundings, boost clean energy and create green jobs in various communities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Peru.

Thanks to Blockchain technology implemented in collaboration with Climate Trade - our offset provider - the process is absolutely transparent: our environmental impact can be tracked and measured.

The result? Since 2018, we have offset more than 375,000 tons of carbon dioxide. Or, in other words, the CO2 absorbed by 21 million trees in their first 10 years of life. If you would like to learn more about the projects in which we invest, click here.


Check out in our Report what we did in 2021 for the people


Less barriers,
more community

We are part of the essential mobility in cities

Our resources are at the disposal of the cities, taking care of the safety of drivers and cab drivers and providing the conditions for them to continue generating income. Some initiatives:

+ WOMEN. Allied with Mujeres Al Volante, the largest Argentine mobility community focused on women.

Telethon. Together with one of Chile's most prominent charities, which raises funds to help children with disabilities in a television broadcast of more than 27 uninterrupted hours.

The 1% initiative. In Colombia and Peru we launched this initiative, donating 1% of the trips made during one day of each month to a cause.

UPM-Cabify Sustainable Mobility Chair. In Madrid, we work in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid to solve the challenges of 21st century mobility together with the academic world.

Vaccine2. In Spain, during the first stage of vaccination of the general population, we helped with travel to and from mass vaccination centers in Alicante, Barcelona, La Coruña, Madrid, Murcia, Santander, Seville and Valencia.

Vaccination campaign. We offered a 50% discount on round trips in Economy, Lite and Executive categories to people who traveled in Cabify to any vaccination center in Lima registered on the official website of Minsa -the Peruvian Ministry of Health-.

Cabify wants to be an ally of the cities. But what are cities without their cornerstone, the citizens? That is why, over the last two years, we have had a positive impact on the daily lives of 127,808 people through various social initiatives.

More than 166,000 users already benefit from accessibility in our app

At Cabify we have a permanent commitment on the road to universal accessibility. We want to make people reach their destination in a freer, safer, more sustainable and more accessible way. 
Throughout 2021, we implemented functionalities in our app focused on the elderly or hearing impaired, also contemplating needs of people with cognitive or motor disabilities.

Our team, our pride

Our employees are the true heart of Cabify. If there is one good thing that 2021 has left us with, it is a feeling of a strong and committed team that has given everything to help our cities.

We see our team as a whole of more than 900 pieces, reflecting the plurality that characterizes us. During 2021, we have increased the competitiveness globally of average salaries in both men (6%) and women (5%) with respect to 2020 and in Spain we have managed to reduce the salary gap in Senior Management by eleven percentage points, from 28.33 to 17%. In addition, 30% of our workforce is in stock following the launch of a new Stock Options policy in 2020.

Our app is constantly evolving

How do we make our driver-partners' day-to-day lives easier? In 2021, we focused on overcoming the obstacles and uncertainty that marked the gradual return to normalcy, elevating the value proposition for drivers and partner cab drivers. 

Part of our success lies in our ability to adapt to changes, without ever losing sight of our priority: the safety of all. And we prove it with facts, implementing a new passenger data validation system, offering a Secret Signal for the security of driver users or with the Dark Mode option for our driver app:

Traveling miles with our best allies: driver partners

During 2021, 218,000 driver users connected to Cabify and, between them, drove a total of 627 million kilometers, which corresponds to 57 thousand laps around the moon.


Check out in our Report what we did in 2021 for the economy


Less inertia,
more transformation

Over the past five years, we have invested 40 million euros in R&D&I

Always on the lookout for new challenges in mobility, we respond quickly, seeking to transform it and create a positive impact. As a sample, these are some of the technological advances we have developed over the last year:

New architecture:

We moved from a cloud infrastructure to a more secure, reliable and scalable architecture, achieving the goal of completing the migration with no impact on our community.

New algorithm:

Through new mathematical models and the combined application of complex algorithms, we have been able to better solve the process of assigning and pricing rides to drivers who collaborate with Cabify, using patterns based on historical prediction and calculation of variables.

Contributing more than €24 million in taxes in 2021

After the decline in activity caused by the pandemic in 2020, in 2021 our growth indicators were consolidated, increasing turnover and therefore our contribution to the public coffers by almost 21% compared to the previous year.

Source of income for more than 218,000 families

Mobility is also a fundamental economic source in our cities. Thanks to Cabify, more than 218,000 cab and professional drivers have found a source of income that helps improve their economy. And we have achieved this by following a two-pronged strategy:

More revenue:
through zero or reduced commission strategies, promotions tailored to their needs and higher profit margin per ride.

More travel:
expanding our reach to new areas allows them to offer more trips to more people.

2.5 million people have started moving with Cabify

2021 allowed us to not only pick up the pace, but to start accelerating. As the vaccination progressed, businesses reopened and restrictions gradually disappeared... life in the cities and our business got back on track.

We understand that, today more than ever, our platform plays a key role in economic revival, in rebuilding mobility and, ultimately, in the way we live our cities. 

There are many challenges ahead. We will only get there with you.


Our Sustainability Report is part of our commitment to transparency, with the specific objective of reporting to our audiences our environmental, socioeconomic and governance impact, while disclosing the policies and processes that govern our community.

Fulfilled all the requirements in terms of reporting non-financial information of Law 11/2018 of December 28.

We rely on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines that represent best practices globally for publicly reporting an organization's economic, environmental and social impacts. We ensure maximum transparency using the so-called GRI 2021 Standards.

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Global Compact Network - which groups together all Spanish entities adhering to the Global Compact - of which we have been a member since 2018, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN's 2030 Agenda. In 2021, we renewed our commitment to this initiative and its Ten Principles for another year, applying the Global Compact Principles and serving as a report for the Progress Report.

Our Report is externally audited by AENOR. This external verification of the information we provide contributes to transparency and reinforces the veracity of the data in our Report.